Propolis Raw Honey Cough Syrup -Alcohol-Free - (150 ml)

Propolis Raw Honey Cough Syrup -Alcohol-Free - (150 ml)


The word propolis is reputed to have been coined by Aristotle, from the Greek words "pro" (before) and "polis" (city), meaning "Before the City" or "Defender of the City". Honeybees use propolis to protect hive against any diseases.

Propolis is as old as honey, and it has been used by people for ages.

BEE & YOU Propolis Raw Honey Syrup is developed by a team of experts using state of the art technology, knowledge, equipment and technique to ensure all polyphenols, terpenoids, amino acids, volatile organic acids, ketones, coumarin, quinones, vitamins and minerals are preserved during processing. It is an award winning processing technology and makes propolis completely soluble in any drink! Its smooth taste makes it very easy to consume regulary in daily life either by kids or adults. 

BEE & YOU Propolis Raw Honey Syrup is only composed of 3 natural ingredients: orange juice, propolis and raw honey. That is it!

We stand behind our product and guarantee your satisfaction!

Premium Quality

BEE & YOU Propolis Raw Honey Syrup contains very valuable phenolic compounds including caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE).


BEE & YOU Propolis Raw Honey Syrup is guaranteed to contain at least 15 mg/ml antioxidant

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, it is suggested to consume 10 - 15 ml by adults and 5 - 10 ml by kids twice a day, prefarably between meals.

Vitamin C

BEE & YOU Propolis Raw Honey Syruphas 43% DV (17 mg) Vitamin C for children under 4 years of Age and 44% DV (27 mg) Vitamin C for Adults and children 4 or more years of Age.

Orange Juice

BEE & YOU Propolis Raw Honey Syruphas contains 100% Natural Orange Juice.


Pure propolis content is standardized to 5%.

Assured Product Quality

Product quality is assured by enforcing appropriate beekeeping practices at all steps of production in the apiary.

Assured Food Safety

In addition, our products are subjected to relevant laboratory analyses to ensure their purity, biological activity levels and compliance with food safety standards.

How to consume?

Take 2 serving daily. Measuring cup is included.

The Benefits of Propolis

-Intake of propolis may reduce the risk for the emergence of cancer
-Propolis may improve gut health, digestion and immunity

Ingredients: 100% Natural Orange Juice (60%), Raw Honey (35%), Propolis (5%)
Net Wt: 5 fl oz.(150 ml)
Storage Conditions: Room temperature (Approx. 22 °C / 72 °F)
Shelf Life: 24 months

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